Billions Of Tons Of Coal To Be Burned Under Our Feet

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BeingAMumIsFun Thu 19-Dec-13 19:37:20

While we are now all aware of Fracking - the government have secretly licensed a worse alternative gas industry across the whole of the UK - Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)

UCG is burning coal under our feet - and the government has issued licenses to burn BILLIONS OF TONS under our feet

Despite intensive trials in Australia with world leading technology - the Queensland government banned UCG in July this year as it is not yet safe

The only EU trial ended in disaster when the trial blew up - wrecking the equipment and covering the trial site in contaminants

UCG contaminates groundwater (worse than fracking) with benzene and toluene (think Erin Brockovitch)
UCG causes major subsidence both above and below ground
UCG creates more CO2 than any other coal to gas method
The government claims UCG will be clean coal but already they have introduced a loophole to ensure the CO2 does not need to be captured

Despite no where else in the world licensing UCG - the COALition has issued 24 licenses (to companies with absolutely no experience) to use unproven technology

And despite most trials around the world resulting in major groundwater contamination - every single license issued by the coalition - is around water!

And the government hopes, before we find out anything about it - they can rush through their current bills to change water and air quality monitoring laws to ensure the pollution that will be caused is totally covered up

And - like fracking - UCG uses billions of litres of water - so not only will England be fracked - but it will have the double water wammy of UCG and fracking using England's water - but also find underground water these industries are not using - contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals - with major air pollution hidden from local people by changes to current laws

This is just a fraction of the information every single one of us needs to read - especially as the government has issued licenses for billions of tons of coal to be burned under our feet now - at the same time as fracking is being rolled out

Read all the shocking Underground Coal Gasification facts -the government are desperate for you not to find out about
here, in the first report

Theft Of Austerity Britain's Coal, UCG, Lies and The Insatiable Greed Of The 1%

You will be horrified - it is not only fracking we have to worry about -

For your children's sake

- read and learn about Underground Coal Gasification now licensed in the UK
- 24 licenses already issued - for more than 24 billion tons of coal to be burned under our feet - at the same time as fracking

then decide what you think

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