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laulop Thu 05-Dec-13 16:05:52

Can somebody help me? I put an order on for a car seat and a pram. I only received part of my order and I am still waiting for the other. Does anybody know if is a fraud?

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Rooners Thu 05-Dec-13 16:11:15

As far as I can see they are in Germany. Have you called their London number?

Lindanewmum Thu 29-Jan-15 21:12:35

I have also ordered from this company. I placed my order on 17th Dec and first reply from them was 9th Jan. Since then they have been promising delivery of my pram but have yet to ship it. Phone number is very difficult to get an answer and when they do answer the customer service is poor. The lady was speaking a foreign language to her colleague whilst I was trying to talk. They promised a prompt response to my query but I have yet to hear from them, this was 3 days ago. They did give me a refund of 5% of my order but what good is 35Euro when I cant take my daughter for a walk. She is now 2 months old.
Very poor customer service, processing times are not as advertised on website and now my emails are being ignored. I am so stressed and upset

I have tried everything

flyingpug Sat 14-May-16 05:00:19


I ordered a pram on 16 March 2016. After a couple of email exchanges and waiting for more than ONE MONTH, I received an email on April 26 informing that the model i ordered is out of stock. On April 29, I requested for another model after making sure that this model could be dispatched immediately. I was assured that it would be dispatched within 1 week. A top up of €47 was then paid for the new pram.

8 DAYS LATER.... MAY 6. As i did not received any shipping notification, I emailed to check and was told my pram would be sent 'early next week'.

I waited patiently till mid week, May 11. Again, it seems like there were delays. I sent another email requesting for specific timeline on shipping as at this point it has almost been 2 MONTHS of waiting. I requested that if shipping could not be made within a couple of days from May 11, I would prefer to cancel.

Almost immediately on that same day, I received a notification that my item was shipped. But the tracking number provided was fake and no specific tracking website was provided.

I emailed the next day May 12 to ask for the tracking number and relevant website to track. I was replied to expect the tracking number on May 13.

Its MAY 14. After waiting 2 weeks for the new pram, it seems like the pram has yet to be shipped.


misschloex Fri 09-Sep-16 22:21:01


I ordered a prams from this shop saying the delivery time would be in one week. But after one week, I still hadn't received anything, no shipping info or anything ! So I called them, but no one answered! So I e-mailed them and I got told that the color I picked was sold out and they offered me another color, making sure this is time the pram was available!! But after another week, I still had no info about the product. I was just fuming! So I called them again and they said the pram would be dispatched next week and that they had problems with their supplier or something. I was so upset and wanted to cancel, but my requests were kind of ignored and I was offered discounts, which I didn't want to accept. All of this process was just taking too long and I was just more than disappointed, so I opened a paypal dispute and received my money back! I never had such a bad experience before and I will defintely never ever order from this site again! They might be cheaper than some other shops, but it seems like they don't even have those products.They are pretending to be something which they are not!!!!!!!!! I even found a group on Facebook called PRAMS.NET AVOID. I wish I had seen those comments on there and in those forums before and I hope I can help any future parents with this forum entry!!

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