Promoting a blog?

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Kyrptonite Wed 27-Nov-13 21:50:06

Sorry I don't know if you have to be a mums net blogger to post here so I won't link.

How do you go about promoting your blog? I have a blogspot account. Do people just search tags and see what comes up?

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zanuda Thu 28-Nov-13 05:58:58

Well, tags work for visitors like me - if I I'm looking for some topic, end up on a site where I like the article, I definitely follow relevant tags.

As for promoting, there a different ways:
1. Write the way to be on the 1st page of SERP ( smile I wish I could do that ), or at least optimize what you've written such a way it would lead to the best possible position in SERP. That's proper SEO
2. Comment other blogs, those with active public
3. Guest blog posts exchange (or write for somebody, sometimes blogs with good rating that post often need new material)
4. Sometimes local magazines (with websites) are looking for authors. They won't pay you but give you a credit and link to your blog.

and not so free
1. Paid advertisement
2. Run competition - works if you have ome sort of steady audience.

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