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Stokke and Mothercare customer service

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goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 11:48:53

Before I begin, hello all smile

First time Father to be in the next 10 days or so... Exciting times!

We have been out and stocking up on essentials/furniture/baby proofing the house as well as draught proofing and making it as comfortable as possible.

We made a decision a few weeks ago to buy a Stokke Bounce'N'Day Bed. Extravagant yes but we were given the hard sell on how they are reassuringly expensive etc.. We opted for this as many friends and families babies have rejected the Moses baskets and the Daybed gives you more.

We purchased it from Mothercare and got a great deal. We had a problem obtaining spare sheets/bouncer covers but found a great website for them and got them the next day.

Mothercare, like many other retailers do not stock Stokke, it comes direct.
The Daybed is simple yet brilliant in it's design, however after waiting 10 days to receive it (was told 10-15) I struggled to put it together.

Eventually I got there but then realised that one of the ringlets for the mattress base to fix to was facing outward/the wrong way! There is only 4 pieces to the frame and each ringlet has to face inwards!
It is not something that can be corrected either, it is riveted in place.
This is potentially dangerous as I cannot secure the mattress base in place.

So my first action was to email Stokke on Saturday evening. Still today I have not received anything but an automated response. I refuse to call them as the UK Customer Support number is a German number!

I then called my local Mothercare where we ordered the item. They in turn referred us to head office customer support.

Head office got in touch right away, and I replied. Here is the first problem.. Every time I replied I then got another response from someone else! Not one person took ownership of the matter and still have not.

To communicate what I want from Stokke/Mothercare - I simply want a new frame part with the ringlet in the correct place.

Mothercare seem to think that I should do one of the following from different people:

1. Advise them of a day/time they can pick up the current one. They will then send it to HQ, who will look at it and send it to Stokke. After Stokke evaluate it then they will send another one out with a lead time of 10-15 days.

2. Take it to the store as I did order it in store, who in turn will send it to HQ, who will look at it and send it to Stokke. After Stokke evaluate it then they will send another one out with a lead time of 10-15 days.

Can anyone see a problem with the above... Either way I am going to be without the Daybed for potentially 15+ days!

What am I meant to do until then? Sleep the baby on the cold floor during the day?

Again, Stokke have made a massive error here and you would expect that when a newborn baby is concerned that they would go out of their way to resolve the issue asap and with no stress to us.

If this was something for an Adult then fine. They have provided a solution and as an Adult you could wait. The circumstances are very different here and Stokke specialise in baby products.

The last email from Mothercare was: We have given you two options, take one or leave it...

I gave them time to resolve the issue but they have not. I felt it was only right to express my disappointment and concern of both companies involved here so that others can be vigilant.

It is not as simple as us returning the products and buying an alternative. As stated we have also invested in sheets/covers which were expensive and we have now opened/washed and therefore cannot return.

Thanks for reading this far!

bundaberg Wed 27-Nov-13 10:17:29


goldb3rg Wed 27-Nov-13 08:47:13

*Yes Coka cola, the one they sell in Aldi..

goldb3rg Wed 27-Nov-13 08:46:41


Goodbye Trollsnet. It's worse than HUKD here..

"I vote this thread cold because it is for a deal on Pepsi Max and I only like Coka Cola"

I am members of other forums where you wouldn't last the required 5 posts to qualify been a member.

tweetytwat Tue 26-Nov-13 18:24:43

I've been trolling regularly here since 2006 grin

Mothercare customer service is frequently dire and has been discussed regularly. I suspect it will continue to be. Glad you have a suitable part on the way. I believe babies are ok in normal moses baskets or cribs too, in case it doesn't arrive in time and you don't have an empty manger to hand.

bundaberg Tue 26-Nov-13 17:45:02

lol yes i'm sure there are trolls just waiting to "pounce" on threads about not getting set out a cot frame quick enough.


AnythingNotEverything Tue 26-Nov-13 16:56:47

OP - these responses aren't trolling. You can't shout "troll" whenever people disagree with you.

You bought an item which isn't held in stock. In this situation there's always a risk there could be something wrong with it and that you'd have to start the process again.

I'm not sure what else you wanted Mothercare to do.

goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 16:47:54

Oh.. another email from Mothercare stating they cannot do anything, the problem is that they do not stock the item and it is manufactured in Germany blah blah blah... This is from yet another customer service representative.

Seriously Mothercare... you need to manage things better. Also as a customer I do not care where the product is made or if you do not stock it. If it is too much hassle then don't sell it.

I will let you all know when the part comes (for those interested). For now, I sense too many trolls waiting to pounce on the thread. I thought this was meant to be a friendly place.

goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 16:08:50

It now appears Mothercare are also going to send me a frame out.

Funny how yesterday this was not an option... Now I have two frames on the way, lets see who wins and then I will arrange for the spare one and faulty one to be returned.

fcknits Tue 26-Nov-13 13:56:28

Glad to hear your problem is now being resolved. smile

As an aside, Stokke do make lovely, long-lasting, baby furniture but it's also true that babies are terribly fickle... I spent ages choosing a cotbed, from John Lewis, that my elder child refused to sleep in! lol

GL to you and your wife for the impending birth! Exciting times. smile x

goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 13:38:06

kateshmate - You cannot put it together wrong, it is impossible to do so. It has been manufactured incorrectly, Stokke have identified this now and sending out a replacement frame by the weekend.

KateShmate Tue 26-Nov-13 13:29:20

So did you put it together wrong, or did Mothercare?

Glad you got there in the end - surprises me that Stokke took so long as we've always found their customer service brilliant.

goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 13:18:56

500internalerror - I will fit in it so it will get used.

tweetytwat, apologies. You could have been trolling someone else.

tweetytwat Tue 26-Nov-13 12:52:40

That's ten minutes of my life I'll never get back.

500internalerror Tue 26-Nov-13 12:50:57

As an aside, I think you might find that if you have a baby that doesn't like a Moses basket, it probably won't like anything except having a cuddle! I don't want to sound line I'm putting a dampner on anything, but just be prepared for the possibility! Spending £200 on a weird design doesn't guarantee baby will like it gringrin

goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 12:49:53

bundaberg Tue 26-Nov-13 12:48:09

the hassle of them collecting it and delivering a new one? ok.

500internalerror Tue 26-Nov-13 12:46:32

<off to google what a daybed for a baby is>

goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 12:35:43

I want to buy an item and for it to do what I paid over £200 for it to do and not have the hassle of this when I have plenty of other things to be getting on with.

bundaberg Tue 26-Nov-13 12:21:10

perhaps i've misread your post then?. but you said you received it after 10 days... struggled to put it together... and it's now around 10 days til baby is due

and yes, overreacting. Mothercare offered to either collect it or you could drop it off and they'd send it back to be replaced. I can't see what else you want them to do?

goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 12:19:45

bundaberg - apologies it was 4 weeks before the due date.

Over reacting? Really..

bundaberg Tue 26-Nov-13 12:16:43

but they said they'd do that in the first place? confused

goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 12:16:29

bundaberg - We did act sooner, 3 weeks before the due date.

goldb3rg Tue 26-Nov-13 12:15:09


Stokke now been in touch and are going to replace the frame smile

Mothercare... Still do not care.

Well done Stokke, although you could have acted sooner. They had to respond to a Tweet complaint rather than an email.

bundaberg Tue 26-Nov-13 12:14:31

honestly? i think you're over-reacting

you'll probably have a new one sooner, they only say 10-15 days because it might take that long and they need to cover themselves.

plus you may not even have the baby for another few weeks if your wife goes overdue.

perhaps you should have prepared the baby's bed a little sooner?

fcknits Tue 26-Nov-13 12:09:33

Social media, hun. Big companies act faster if you complain in public. x

Stokke UK Facebook page: here.
Stokke UK Twitter account: here

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