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Technology blogging?

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catherinebuk Sat 23-Nov-13 18:51:58

Hi all! I'm new to this site and fairly new to blogging. I've started writing about technology and related stuff that I know about, but was wondering if you know of anyone (especially women!) blogging about technology?

Ferguson Sun 24-Nov-13 19:06:50

I'm not a woman, nor do I blog or follow blogging I'm afraid; can't see much point to it.

catherinebuk Sun 24-Nov-13 20:10:04

Thanks for replying - I started blogging as writing is something that's really useful in my line of work, and I think it's something I need to practice. I thought blogging might be a good way to try writing for a different audience smile nothing special about being a woman either, just that there aren't that many of us!

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