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The opposite of a traffic jam

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stinkingbishop Fri 22-Nov-13 21:21:16

I write a blog about life with teensy tinsy twins.

My traffic seems to be entirely random. Last week I got about 10m views (not quite) for a post about the breastfeeding voucher scheme (I know it was in the news but I must have come way down any Google search so...)

Today I wrote what I personally think is a better post about Patience as a virtue. Have FBed, tweeted...but nada (ah the irony of being impatient about views of a post about Patience). The views basically equate to my followers, and stats are showing most people came through email, so that figures.

Is there anything obvious I'm missing? Is it actually quite crap? Please be honest! Anywhere else a relative newbie could be publicising? I don't want to just randomly link to it on public forums like, er, MN wink.

Tips gratefully received from the more experienced.

KatieClark Sat 23-Nov-13 10:05:20

Hi Stinkingbishop

I've only been going a few months (2 days on my new site which I have moved over form!) and have had something similar.
Recently though, I have been posting links to quite a few blog hops and have found that I get quite a lot of traffic through this. I just tend to search twitter for blog hops, link ups etc. Are you on bloglovin? I've had quite a lot of traffic through there.
Sorry, I'm probably saying things you already do, I'm not being an awful lot of help really.
I've read your post and some of your previous ones and think they are great smile

Happiness In Learning

stinkingbishop Sat 23-Nov-13 10:45:04

Aw thanks!

What the blazes are blog hops and link ups?? God I'm old...

I must be on bloglovin as have had a bit of traffic through there.

stinkingbishop Sat 23-Nov-13 10:52:26

Also how did you get the bloglovin' button on your sidebar? I can't find it in widgets!

KatieClark Sat 23-Nov-13 11:15:10

To get the bloglovin button go to, click on the button you want and enter your blog name to generate the code. If you're already logged in to bloglovin, it will do this automatically.

Blog hops and link ups are hosted by bloggers. You enter a link for your post, bloglovin page, twitter handle or whatever it may and a link to yours will appear. There are usually rules about following the hosts and sharing to twitter etc. You can then visit other blogs and comment (which always gets me a lot of traffic) or people can click on your blog and find out about you that way. If you just search the # bloghop, link up, link party or linky tools, you should find some.

stinkingbishop Sat 23-Nov-13 12:59:07

Fab, thank you!

fcknits Sat 23-Nov-13 20:39:29

If you've already got a strong following (you mention that many views are clickthroughs from a mailing list?) then maybe you could ask people to recommend your blog to their friends?

I also agree that a bloghop could be beneficial; again, it might help circulate your blog amongst people with similar tastes.

Your blog isn't really my thing. However, I'd like to say that the photos of your twins are super cute! smile x

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