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Mummy blogger to go towards beauty blogging

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candyflosscloud Thu 21-Nov-13 16:58:58

Hi everyone my names rachel and I have a beautiful 18 month old son. I am currently a 'yummy' mummy blogger and I blog about my life, events I go to and review products relevant to parents. I'm aiming to get 2,000 page veiws by the end of the year (I only have 150 more to go yay!)

The reason I'm here is to tell you all that at the start of 2014 I am launching a new beauty blog. It will have fashion posts and beauty tips and show off what I think is hot and not. I also aim to show off my styles and my sons.

My BIGGEST aim though is for me to make mummys feel sexy again. How many of you after having a baby just feel sluggish all the time and depressed that you can't fit into the clothes you used to? Or if you can how many of you don't feel confident to show of your figures and hide under baggy clothes? I want to let mummy's know that no matter what size you can be and FEEL sexy smile. I'm not saying you have to wear make-up everyday or buy a new wardrobe far from it but I hope to get mums self esteem back as I have just learnt to love myself...for the first time in my life.

I hope you will follow my parental lifestyle blog and are excited about the launch of my beauty blog. I've contacted many brands to help me in my campiagn so fingers crossed I can achieve my goals smile

fcknits Sat 23-Nov-13 20:47:19

GL with the launch of your new blog! (Love your round-up of Etsy products - so many cool and useful buys.)

Tbh, all I need is Mary Poppins. I don't have time (or can't be bothered to make time) for the makeup and matching outfits. :p lol

If you ever want a retweet, just tag me on Twitter @fcknits. smile x

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