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My teen girl has depression some of which has been not helped by bullying.

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BlueBirdy Mon 18-Nov-13 16:23:20

I think a change of school would really help, a fresh start can make such a difference. Also talk to her about self esteem, and maybe get some books from the library on the subject. How you feel about yourself and how you conduct yourself can make the difference between mean girls making a one off nasty comment or them getting a certain reaction and then the start of bullying. I know it should't be down to the victim to do something, or that this sort of solution sort of implies that the fault is with the victim in the first place - and it really is not, but it should help. Bullying is a vicious circle, but not something to be put up with.

I started getting bouts of depression when I was a teen and would self harm (this was long before I even knew there was such a thing as self harming). I really regret it now as the scars are horrible. An 'alternative' that is supposed to help is for her to wear an elastic band around her wrist, and snapping that against herself instead of any sort of cutting. I know it is still not a nice idea, but it is a better alternative. A hobby can help, or a special pet. For me, my life-line was my own dog, a labrador that my parents bought just for me. I really hope your daughter feels better soon.

mumofteen3 Mon 18-Nov-13 13:05:38

I was wondering if anyone had any advice recently my daughter took an overdose. she is only 13 luckily she was ok but has been diagnosed with depression , she also has been self harming. Because of this I have not sent her in to school as girls being nasty and bullying has led to this. I have been to school so many times and they try and sort it and whilist they have tried it doesnt stop comments and looks which is impossible to moniter by the school. Also the school have said to me why I think girls dont like her!!!!!!! great!!!!. She wants to change school which I would be willing to do but i feel like ive got no help advice can anyone suggest people that may help me.

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