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The young samurai fitness club 7-11 year olds

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Jonanny Mon 18-Nov-13 01:14:09

Does any one have a child attending any of these classes? Parents are paying for non regulated "licences" for their children to be "graded" by non qualified kickboxing instructors. I have researched the director who has made very misleading reference to his abilities to instruct children. A brief look at companies house has proved most interesting.
Has any one checked his qualifications with the governing body, prior to letting him give children a false sense of security by telling them they are now "black belts" not by any standards are the children in these classes being trained. I am alarmed that schools in Berkshire are actively promoting these classes. The director/kickboxing instructor Implies he has taught kickboxing in Japan,when in fact he was an assistant english teacher.

zumo Mon 18-Nov-13 06:56:47

This is all too common, we have a couple who have set up shop near us
In my experience having taken part and our kids getting almost to Blackbelt in Karate is this
If its for defence, Aikido is the best
If its for defence and you want them to fight back Mixed Marshal Arts as this often combines the most effective bits from many often from Kick Boxing and Aikido plus others to form a different style.
I don't dismiss the pure things like Karate, Judo etc just in my life experience I feel the Aikido and MMA are more suitable to defence Our MMA instructor has proper Formal qualifications in two proper marshal arts. Aikido is taught to many shall we say Government enforcement types as its so good for this purpose.

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