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Curvylou11 Thu 14-Nov-13 13:51:20

Hi everyone, I needed to come on here and ask for some advice.
I was in a relationship with a wealthy guy who bought me some designer bags, my sister has been asking me for one for a few weeks now, I finally gave in and let her have one, but I feel resentful that she pestered me for so long and I didn't really want to part with it.
She does have a job and her own income but decides to spend her money on other things sad
What would you have done? Am I being selfish by feeling like this?

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fcknits Thu 14-Nov-13 14:51:17

Well... I guess it depends on whether the bags had sentimental value to you, as they were a gift from your ex-boyfriend.

It also depends on your relationship with your sister.

Neither of those points can be answered for you!

If it was me and my sister, I'd have given her a bag when she first asked. I value her much more than a handbag, regardless of the bag's ticket price. Also, none of my handbags really have sentimental value for me. What I'd have done... is neither here nor there. I'm not you. x

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