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baby knits

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fcknits Sun 27-Oct-13 09:52:28

Just a heads up, hun - I can find your personal page but not your group. Also, if you are running a business then you really ought to set up a separate 'business' page and not use a personal page for it.

People cannot see everything on personal pages, unless you set everything to 'public'. Also, people cannot 'like' personal pages - and many people will not add you as a 'friend' (for various reasons). It is far better to have a business page that can be liked and viewed. A business page also has other benefits e.g. page insights (visitor stats).


lisamerino Sat 26-Oct-13 12:49:35

i dont know if i can do this put pls remove if im in the wrong,i noticed a post asking where baby hand knits could be bought i have recently started a group and have a facebook page lisaknittermerino there is some lovely hand knits for babes on there if anyone is interested pls feel free to let me know through the page i also noticed someone asking how to wash baby woollens i have been knitting for forty five yr and have a wealth of experience and any questions or anything to do with knitting pls feel free to ask ........thanks so much

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