Blogging and maternity leave

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SmashingTheGlass Sun 13-Oct-13 12:12:03

I'm in a quandary... I'm expecting my first baby in 3 weeks time and am obviously not going to have time to post regularly in the coming months if at all! My blog is fairly new (only launched 5 mths ago) but it's going really well and I want to keep the momentum going in the best way possible. It's a wedding blog for super-cool Jewish weddings and my question is this. If it's not going to be updated for a while do I need to have a post explaining why, or can I just leave it standalone with the content as is? Do readers genuinely expect updates or can they be happy with the content as is? Obviously viewing figures are going to go down whilst I'm not updating regularly - there's nothing I can do about that - but do I need to tell the world that I'm on a little maternity leave whilst I'm at it? Look forward to hearing any thoughts - and if it helps give you a constructive answer by looking at the content of the blog it's

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ILetHimKeep20Quid Sun 13-Oct-13 21:47:42

How long do you usually spend putting a post together? You might find it is actually easy enough to find the time, babies sleep a lot! Why not inform readers there might be a decrease in frequency for a while but post when you can.

zanuda Thu 17-Oct-13 23:35:23

You could write as many posts as possible now (in draft) and publish it later on schedule.

KateDavis Wed 23-Oct-13 22:28:09

A few thoughts, although when I got pregnant I pretty much stopped posting and it is only recently when my 2nd child was 1.5years that I started getting back into it so I may not be the most useful person to advise you. However, my visitors increased when I reduced my posting frequency!

Can you reduce your posts by half? so if you are currently 2 a week you go to 1 a week, then you have something new going on your site regularly, but your work is reduced.

Preparing posts now and scheduling

Ask people to write some guest posts for you

Identifying some post types that are quicker to put together, maybe a link to a video of a wedding, or promoting a provider of wedding services (maybe you could send out a questionnaire to people and publish the responses as an interview).

Do you know if most of your readers visit the site direct or from a reader? If it a reader reducing your posts is probably less important because you'll reappear when you start posting again.

You prepare a birth announcement post now and fill in the details when baby arrives. This will provide a post for you, but will also warn your readers that things may change.

zanuda Wed 23-Oct-13 23:49:47

Guest posts is a really good idea. It's good even if you're able to write on regular schedule.

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