Postnatal depression

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char511 Mon 07-Oct-13 03:35:46

Struggling after having a baby!

I am a young new mum and I suffer from post-natal depression!

Hello everyone! Hope your all well!

I have recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy, who is now four months old, yet I have found myself being diagnosed with post natal depression and I have created this blog in hope that I can meet other young mums or people suffering with depression where we can give and receive tips, share our stories and come to a better understanding of what and who we are.

I am almost 21, engaged and started a wonderful family and I can't seem too understand how I can feel so low and depressed when l have so much too be happy for.

I seem to have lost myself somewhere and feel like I don't know who I am anymore and need too find some way of finding myself again so I can be the mother my son deserves.

I'd love to hear your stories, advice and vice versa!

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Nanniejo Thu 10-Oct-13 13:34:12

Hi Char511,

So sorry to hear that your feelings have got the better of you. When I had my babies, my main goal each day was to make sure that I met up with other adults (apart from my husband), even if it was just at the shops, but also using the time baby slept to be good to myself too. I joined a mums and toddlers group and also a group where babies weren't the main theme. The other thing was to fill my mind with good, positive thoughts and this is something I still have to be active with, being careful what I watch, listen to and read. As it happens I wrote about this on my blog this week (shared the post in the other thread).

Wishing you all the best with the wonderful gift you have been given. Be patient with yourself. You have had a huge upheaval. smile

TheLondonMum Thu 31-Oct-13 15:37:44

I'm due to have my baby soon, and I'm worried about PND as my mum had it badly after I was born (although she didn't have any help for it because the Dr's weren't as good then!).

Going to try placenta encapsulation to see if that'll help level the hormones.

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