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Where Best To Blog This..?

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absoluteidiot Wed 02-Oct-13 18:29:15

Two months ago an ex partner was found guilty of harassing me, after bombarding me with 600 emails over a period of 12 months. He got a derisory sentence, and on the day he was arrested for harassing me, the day before he had received a warning from a different police force re. harassing someone else...

I'm an experienced blogger, already and want to blog about this experience but need to stay anonymous and not link in any way to my other blog, or professional life...

Now, my idea for the blog is this. For a year, almost a year to the day, I received anything between 1-12 emails, most days. All threatening and abusive. The judge on bringing in the verdict said it was 'at the serious end' of the scale, when it came to harassment. My idea is to start at a random date, and publish, 'in real time' on the blog the email(s) sent to me on that date. I will of course, censor all names of people and any details that could identify the perpetrator or myself or other people mentioned/copied in. So no-one will be identifiable. (Although I guess there may be no law stopping me from identifying the man himself at the end as he has broken the law and a newspaper would expose him quite happily?)

I just want to get over the impact this kind of email harassment can have, on its victims. It is my harasser's third conviction. I will not name him, or outline the eventual sentence he got - well I will give the sentence at the very end after the 12 months' worth of emails is up on the blog.

Which blogging platform do you think would work best for this?

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