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mathamou123 Sun 15-Sep-13 16:33:28

hi im looking for some advice/help i applied for a catholic school and was turned down under rule 6 catechumens and members of an eastern christian church but i believe this to be incorrect as we were received into the catholic church at the easter vigil i decided to appeal but three days before the hearing i was offered a place at the school as i was on the continuing interest list i accepted the offer was given a welcome pack signed the school agreement contract got a start date and bought the uniform the LA cancelled the appeal hearing but three weeks later i was informed that the offer was offered in error and that there is no place for my daughter and i was told to begin a new appeal hearing does anyone have any advice under what can i say i am appealling and can i appeal under more than one reason as i feel my daughter has not once but twice been wrong for the school of our choice

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meditrina Mon 16-Sep-13 11:03:25

You might want to ask MNHQ to move this to either primary or secondary education so there is a better chance of the admissions experts spotting it.

What year group were you applying for, and was it the regular admissions round or an in year application?

If regular round, then you would have been a catechumen at the deadline and so it looks as though your application was placed in the correct category at the time of first round admissions. Your subsequent reception into the Church would alter which category you qualified for, and when you notified the LEA of change of circumstances, your place on the waiting list should have been changed to reflect that (same as if eg you had moved house to nearer the school).

Which leaves the question of the rescinded offer. LEAs can remove offers that we're made by their error, but they have to do this in a timely factor, which is a matter of days not weeks. Unless they are alleging that your application is in some way fraudulent (in which case a place can be removed at any time), it seems you have a strong case for reinstatement.

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