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State Primary schools in nice villages nr Guildford / Godalming

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barecheeks Thu 05-Sep-13 14:52:04

Hi, we're looking to make the big move out of SW London down to Surrey before DS reaches school age (currently 2 yrs old). I know there've been some posts about Surrey primary schools before but they seemed to focus a bit more around schools in the towns and we're really looking at the village schools north of Guildford, or between Guildford and Godalming (but ideally not too far east from the A3 so family can still reach us easily).

We'd like to be in a village with a nice community, a shop & pub would be great and most importantly, a good local school. We will both have to commute back to the city so a train station within 2 or 3 miles would also be great - we're basically looking for the perfect village!!

We are also really interested in opinions on whether Ripley is a nice place for a young family? It looks really pretty and is in a great location for us but I understand the state primary there rates pretty low and we're just not in a position to pay for school fees from 4 upwards (it's our hope that by DS going to a good state primary, we can then save for an indendant secondary).

I know some villages are really expensive but all options welcome. We'd rather be the smallest house in the village and have a great school!!


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