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Congratulations, First Great Western, you dismissed a woman - and just lost a regular customer.

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Bidisha Sat 31-Aug-13 11:31:22

candycoatedwaterdrops Sun 13-Oct-13 15:46:45

Congratulations, Bidisha, on writing the biggest load of wank I've read all day.

twistyfeet Tue 03-Sep-13 15:46:37

we'd be sniggering grin

I like the concept of a snigger out with twisty - it sounds like a perfect name for it!

Onesleeptillwembley Tue 03-Sep-13 01:57:57

Though no doubt we'd be sniggering on said night out, between the wine and the fun and the oppression. grin I'm off now. I've obviously been practicing for said night, and my phones taking the piss.

Onesleeptillwembley Tue 03-Sep-13 01:56:19

Snigger = a night out

Onesleeptillwembley Tue 03-Sep-13 01:55:54

Enemy = even

Onesleeptillwembley Tue 03-Sep-13 01:55:12

Oh wow! Not a single argument, disagreement or enemy difference of opinion on here. We've also arranged snigger out with Twisty. Good thread all round. grin

katese11 Mon 02-Sep-13 20:50:05

^Oh First Great Western
I thought you were the best, then
You threw it in my face
That was not so naice^

SoupDragon Mon 02-Sep-13 20:46:09

No sign of the OP? Is FGW perhaps the only train company serving Mumsnet...?

katese11 Mon 02-Sep-13 20:02:46

Woh! I thought it was building up to a point and assumed "dismissed" in the sense of "sacked"....wrong on both points. If you take an hour to get from Reading to London, you're on the wrong train!

confuddledDOTcom Sun 01-Sep-13 14:10:57

Sometimes I think MN needs a like button! Or a love button (that sounds weird confused) you're all brilliant!

squeaver Sun 01-Sep-13 13:13:02

Why journalists need editors.

twistyfeet Sun 01-Sep-13 13:06:26

Sure onesleep. Let me stun the screechy child then we shall hit the town. Hair of the dog n all that.

Me too, Onesleep - I think we could really have a good time!! grin

Onesleeptillwembley Sun 01-Sep-13 12:20:23

twisty you sound great fun. Can I come out and be oppressed with you? wink

sweetiepie1979 Sun 01-Sep-13 12:19:05

God that was a boring read!

CatAmongThePigeons Sun 01-Sep-13 12:14:13

Oh and for everyone who has ever been to or lived in Bristol, we thank you for never wanting to come back, I assume that you include the rest of the south west too? <hopeful>

I had a station guard lift my pram up the steps last weekend, how dare he! Just because I am a woman. Bastards...

CatAmongThePigeons Sun 01-Sep-13 12:09:33

For a journalist theres quite a lot of bollocks in the article. The complaints team would be just in replying TL;DR.

twistyfeet Sun 01-Sep-13 12:03:46

I steered my wheelchair off a kerb and fell over and some nice young men came and lifted me up.
Is that cos I is a woman?
Should a feminist have said 'Nooooo, stand back egads, I shall deal with myself sexist pigs!'
Fraid I leered drunkenly wink

twistyfeet Sun 01-Sep-13 12:01:52

Did she not come back? I had a great time out in Bristol last night and will be retuning to Lahndan on a FGW train later when my head stops banging grin

I will watchn out for subtly sexist guards and bitter journalists and shouty status arses. And tell them to keep it down. I think that last whisky was a mistake. Ouchouchouchneverdrinkingagainetcetc

confuddledDOTcom Sat 31-Aug-13 23:31:42

Well the best bit about that article was the fun I've had reading this thread.

ButThereAgain Sat 31-Aug-13 22:54:11

I'd never read a Bidisha piece before this one. But I had quite often seen her spoken of fairly highly on MN and thought of her as someone who, if I read her, would give me a more positive view of political/activist blogging than my actual jaded take on it. Having read this piece I don't think I could ever take anything from her seriously. Was/is she really a force for good?

exexpat Sat 31-Aug-13 22:52:40

Salbertina - this is Huffington Post, not Grauniad. They do let some whiney stuff through into Comment Is Free sometimes, but I think someone at the Grauniad might have raised an eyebrow and said "really?" at this one.

Salbertina Sat 31-Aug-13 22:41:06

Oh god she's annoying!! The Grauniard can be so bloody dull, lightweight and petty sometimes about total non-issues!

Reminds me of my rather immature and naive sister who's forever taking umbrage at perceived slights from random strangers or getting her knickers in a twist about life threatening matters such as why women should ever still take their husbands' surname (apparently far more of an issue than the affordability of childcare to most women, she speaks as a non-mother biscuit)

Msbluebozooka Sat 31-Aug-13 22:36:24

Mardy agree with everything!

That's journalist for you they exaggerate everything.

And how snobbish " I cut the label out of my D Perkins Suit "
Get a life !
Will be avoiding anymore blogs of Boring Biddy

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