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Mozzamum47 Thu 22-Aug-13 20:01:17

My DS2 has just failed his AS levels big time. He is not motivated and lacks confidence and inspiration. We have talked to his school who certainly believe he is better than his marks dictate. I am now looking for inspiration for work experience to try and focus his mind on long term goals and ambitions rather than his failure. In order to do this he needs to look for work experience within the financial sector and I would love peoples thoughts about how he goes about this. Does anyone know companies who even still offer work experience. He is certainly not thick. He underwent surgery in October last year and then had a bit of hiccup with post op medication (the consultants prescribed triple the dose he should have been taking) this meant that it took 4 months to try and re-balance his meds. Please people any ideas would be gratefully received. Banking and accountancy are his preferred goals.

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