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Why it's vital to wear the right bra when pregnant. Have you guys noticed a huge difference?

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miller82uk Tue 20-Aug-13 13:04:01

It's all on here with some of the best sports bras to buy too!

margot1962 Tue 20-Aug-13 22:53:14

Always wear a bra, even in bed! Make sure it's comfy, unless you want boobs to your knees!

Chloe2162 Mon 02-Sep-13 14:55:56

Hi girls, I wore a bra that was recommended by a friend that is technically seen as a post-surgical bra but was perfect for pregnancy. Its fully expandable and so all that was needed was my back size - perfect when my boobs were always changing size! Company is called macom medical and the bra is used was the 1007. super comfy! smile

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