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Should David Cameron (or someone) give James Bulger's mum a Peerage?

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RemovedFromReality Mon 12-Aug-13 11:57:34

A long time ago in a Britain far far away, David Cameron began a campaign to clean up violent music lyrics and images, internet (and presumably other over-easily-available-to-minors) pornography and generally remind media "society" that, as they grow older, it's important to introduce ideas to children in a careful and sensitive way so they had a good chance of properly contextualising them - and not turning into gun-toting porn-lovin' gangstas on a mission to kill and injure their peers, juniors and seniors: anyone that got in the way of their rampant, off-leish, desires to "party".

So here we are, now, eight or so years later in August 2013 and Miley Cyrus is at number one with a song referencing "doing lines" in toilets and "Molly" that are doubtless incomprehensible until one Googles them (or hears about them from that "bad girl" or "bad boy" on the playground). How are we doing?

Well courtesy of BBC1's family show "The Voice", Will I Am, I'm advised is "DOPE", as is Jessie J. What kind of Dope I'm unsure of; don't get me wrong. Will I Am is an awesome entrepreneur; I love recounting the tale of how his car was commissioned and built! But what happened to David Cameron, the promises of 2005 and the days of a Britain "built to last"?

Well, schools are no longer being "built for the future"; that's a policy certainty. But what of the media and music industry? Has it twigged that "little ears and eyes" are listening and watching more than we think? Has it noted the five-year-olds dancing Gangnam style and, somewhat unsettlingly, referring to an unidentified "sexy lady"? Has it checked out who (at what age) can turn on and pick up a remote control or use Google or Bing when a lone parent is suddenly called to the phone or front door or a sibling in emergency need? Is the Government governing/steering the media industry in a direction that will give Britain (and the planet for goodness sake!) the future "adults" we "need" rather than those we "deserve"?

Well, Perry's not doing too badly seems to be the answer; no, not Katy Perry, Claire Perry: David Cameron's pornography-filtering Tsar. Indeed for all Jimmy Wales' concerns, "lad's" magazines are being brown-bagged, internet filters are being put in place to protect still-learning pre-and-early-pubescent girls and boys and, doubtless, a better eye is being kept on the "advertising" on digital and satellite pornography channels that most "adults'" grandparents would be (/would have been) appaulled to find on British TV at any time of the day or night. Where is when you need it?

But is it enough? Like the issue of racism that is being addressed for the longer term by placing Stephen Lawrence's mum in the House of Lords, is the issue of media responsibility in need of more parental attention? On a long-term basis: in the House of Lords? If you'll forgive the analogy, since the Nanny State got it wrong and James Bulger died in its care, should James Bulger's mother now be taking more charge and steering more policy for the State? Because if one woman understands the potential effects of bad media choices on young children it might just be her! But there are, doubtless, others...

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