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Turning a blind eye to some teenage drinking

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Boardiegirl Mon 05-Aug-13 21:57:21

I think the key is in your line PICK YOUR BATTLES! Your dd prob knows that you know and is grateful you havent made a huge fuss.
At the start of next term you can tell her you expect a year of mire work than play and a lack of drunken parties 'like you had in the summer'.
She will get the hint!

nanonagle Mon 05-Aug-13 17:40:47

Having been away over night, I retuned to a suspiciously pristine house, with some tell tale signs of partying. A solitary wine glass,forgotten and unwashed on a book shelf, a shard of glass on the living room floor, some interesting stuff in the bin. Also, my seventeen year old having a nap in the afternoon, as she claimed to be exhausted. Hmm. On enquiry, received a lot of eye blinking and indignant denials.

I could pursue this but do like to pick my battles. Also three more weeks until the new school term starts and her final year. I am a little concerned that it has been a party party summer for her, which she imagines will go on and on. It is something I blogged about, but have more or less decided to hold my fire on, and insist on an alcohol free regime in the Autumn. How to keep your teen on board, whilst drawing the proper line about behaviors you will not tolerate? It is not straightforward.

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