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Kimbayliss1986 Thu 04-Jul-13 14:37:11

As advised by my HV i started weaning my baby boy at 21weeks.
Born weighing 8lb8oz (50th centile) and length 63cm (99.6th)
21 weeks weighing 20lb (just below 98th centile) exclusively bottle fed)
He now weighs at 25weeks 23lb4oz (99.6th centile) i am unsure of his length, however he is in 9-12mth clothes to fit his length.
As you can imagine he is rather a big lad and had eventually filled out to his length.
I have been giving him breakfast with 5oz of milk. Dinner he had 1 jar of 125g and a yoghurt and about 4oz milk. Tea, he has the same as dinner and for bed he has 9oz bottle.
He has stared fussing about his milk and the HV as said to start cutting his milk out at dinner and tea.
Has anyone else got a big baby like me??????
He is a very content baby, slept through the night from being 6weeks old.
Is the advise from the HV correct?

fcknits Mon 08-Jul-13 15:57:26

We're on the petite side in my family, however, I'm of the understanding that all babies need milk - breast or formula - until they are at least 1 year old. Personally, I'd persevere with offering him a bottle, at his usual intervals, but to not stress about how much milk he's actually consuming. I'd also strongly recommend that you continue giving him normal infant formula and not the so-called "follow on" milk.

The above advice is based on reading the Dr Sears baby and parenting books, all of which I thoroughly recommend.

Finally, do remember that all of this advice - including your HV's advice - is merely that: advice. You, the mommy, should always know best. Go with your instincts. I doubt stone-age mommies sat in their caves agonising over whether to keep breastfeeding or mash up more berries because they didn't have a HV telling them what to do! :p You say he's very content and thriving/growing beautifully. If you are buying larger clothes for the length rather than the width, he's probably just a tall lad (maybe like mommy and/or daddy?). Keep up your good work. x

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