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ally31xxx Sat 22-Jun-13 17:04:57

Hi im new here but thought it may help to see if antone has or is going through what im experiancing right now...we had our 12 week scan last fri (i was actally 11w 5d) was so excited but that soon changed when the scanner lady told us at the end that our baby had a NT of 5mm..and it should be no more than 3.5mm..explained this can be a soft marker for downs and that we can talk to a speacial midwife about it,ehich we did and she explained it ..downs ..edwards..etc or possiblly heart defects..we were so devistated and got booked in for cvs on the monday...but when we went they couldnt do it as my placta was in wrong place..the lady didnt re measure NT and mentioned termimation but also said could refer us to another hospital to get it done trough cervix..i have to say we came out of that appt very low with no hope..but went to diffrent hospital on the wedensday to have cvs and they were much more professional and consultant said my placta had grown enough to do it trough abddoman which they did...but before he did that he remeasured the NT and it had gone down to 2.9mm this has to be right? consultant said its a positive sign but couldnt really say either way..but that evetthing on baby looks normal...ive still got bloods that are high at 1/108 chances of downs but surly NT going down at (12W 3DS) is a good sign? just waiting for cvs results now and its awfal waiting as ive really got my hopes up now and dont want to come crashing down again..has anyone else had this measurement and all been fine?

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