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blackpoolhottie Wed 29-May-13 09:49:28


Im newly registered to this site and have never done this before - I'm just wondering if somebody out there could help me out.

My partner had a vasectomy reversal just over 1 year ago; unfortunately, it has failed. We are both devastated. I am 38 years old and the reversal was our last chance as we were refused IVF on the NHS as he had a vasectomy. He has 1 child from a previous relationship I, on the other hand, have none and I am desperate to be a mum just like many thousands of women out there.

Does anyone know if I am now eligible for IVF on the NHS due to his infertility or would I still be elegible because he had a reversal? If this is the case, could I tell my GP I am a lone parent and want a child. Would I qualify? Im even thinking of telling my GP I am in a gay relationship and request a sperm donor (we are both desperate to be parents again). Obviously I would chat with my GP but I dont want them to tell me Im not entitled with my partner only to turn around a few weeks later and say Im single... hope this makes sense. Im just after a bit of information from anyone how has come across this because I start the ball rolling.

Im hoping someone can help. Thank you for your time.

Claire. x

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