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Does this ever happen to you?

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I have been reading many blogs and articles over the last few days. There seems to be an endless supply of information for any topic that you could ever wish to see. I would go as far to say that the magnitude of material is staggering, it sometimes feels that there is no end to it, maybe there isn't.

For example, I find that when I start off looking at blogs and I discover an interesting post, I quickly find myself being sucked in to an addictive cycle of compliance where I have to follow every link that is teasingly and seductively placed out in front of me. This happens to me on a daily basis without fail; it is click, click and a few more clicks.

Maybe I am just weak, but the urge that I have to follow everything on line is like the urge that children seem to have to stay up late, their desire to ask why every time you say anything, or their refusal to own up to eating your chocolate when you can see the evidence on their chin.

Where do you draw the line with your inquisitiveness? Mine seems to know no bounds. I often have no idea what I was doing in the first place or how to navigate back there after I have endured another online adventure. My computer's favourite bar is like an A - Z of life, and I have untold amounts of scraps paper with life?s weird and wonderful facts, and notebooks full of stories and websites to look at later. I generally never get round to doing any of these things that I have so eagerly and excitedly saved or scribble down, in the processof all this the hours have also quietly tiptoed past me. It just leaves one question to be asked... Why?

chocoluvva Fri 24-May-13 14:01:32

Good question.

I remember someone once comparing the act of googling for info to going to Niagara Falls for a drink of water.

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