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AndyAgides Mon 20-May-13 17:45:27

I'm a Dad and blog about my 3 boys our times together and interactions, not always face to face. I make the most of every moment we share, whether in person or via electronic media. I expand our experiences to my blog, so as to extend the feelings of being with them for as long as possible. I am more than this,of course,but nothing else of me is of equal or even slightest consequence by comparison although I am also unwell, and this frequently informs much of my writing.
I hope very much you find time to visit and comment, I have only been submitting for 3 weeks so am very pleased that mumsnet have agreed to add me to their network. Thank you to mumsnet for this.
Blogging has proven cathartic and helpful in ways I never previously imagined and am astonished that so many people have chosen to read my submissions, if not a little moved.
I look forward to being part of this remarkable site.

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