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Sabotage or not to sabotage?

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Baconrollstoplasticdolls Mon 20-May-13 13:47:17

I wanted to talk about snakes today, not the beautiful reptiles, but people. Please excuse the derogatory term, I just feel that sometimes you have to speak your mind and tell it how it is.

This is one of the reasons why I love blogging. I find that it gives me an escape and a channel to navigate my frustrations and gripes. I suppose that it could be seen as cowardly to criticise people without their knowledge. I can see that point of view and to a certain extent I would have to agree, however I do believe that sometimes it isn’t always necessary to confront people every time that they upset you. Like they say, you have to choose your battles. If you chose to spend your life arguing and confronting everyone instead of taking things on the chin occasionally (and having a little moan to yourself and your blogging friends) then you would more than likely be very stressed and unhappy.

This is my 54th blog and this will be my first outburst, so not too bad hey? Like I was saying, I wanted to speak about snakes. I should probably be more specific with my terminology – People that are malicious, cruel, spiteful, resentful, and bitter and possibly one of my favourite terms, odious! There are many adjectives that you could use and I am sure that unfortunately everyone knows someone with these qualities.

It is difficult to write a post like this without coming across as a Mr Perfect type of character, or dare I say it – a snake! I am under no illusions about my character though. I know that I am not perfect but I am honest and I pride myself on that one quality.
Human nature is a complex thing and there are circumstances when I imagine we all do things that are less than desirable. There are times when you let negatives emotions get the better of you and you say and do things that you would later regret, these are understandable and forgivable. The people that I am referring to seem to be different to this. These are the ones that I get a little confused and disheartened by; they seem to relish and thrive in other people’s misery and misfortune. I have very recently had an experience with such a person and it has left me sad that they are so determine to undermine and destroy anything positive that I set out to do.

If you could help shed some light, or offer any wisdom that would benefit me at the moment then I am all ears. Finally, If you have read to the end then thank you very much. I hope that I haven’t just bummed you out on a Monday or made you cast suspicious eyes at your colleagues or friends! ;o)

Sauira Wed 22-May-13 21:21:52

Hiiiii! Chin up! I think you need to cut these people out of your life summer clean! Do you know them irl? Sorry if you said you do, it's late.

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