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New Posts: Sun 19th May- Sat 25th May

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FiveHoursSleep Sun 19-May-13 22:12:40

I've waited all day for someone else to go first, but no one did so here is my Silent Sunday

gardeningmum Sun 19-May-13 22:21:36

We have been making tree faces for the garden this week - it easy way of getting creative.

MamaMummyMum Mon 20-May-13 11:23:58

My new post is all about getting organised

BustyDeLaGhetto Mon 20-May-13 14:59:27

I was once the subject of a school assembly and what I've bought this week for under a fiver.

artifarti Mon 20-May-13 15:01:23

A new cheesy recipe: Roasted Squash and Blue Cheese Arancine

FiveHoursSleep Mon 20-May-13 16:54:36

How often does your child wear summer uniform?

parentinginpublic Mon 20-May-13 19:33:38

oh crap, am I a 'sharent'?

LeStewpot Mon 20-May-13 21:46:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyjenkins Tue 21-May-13 12:00:47

I've got a busy post for you all:
KindleFever (publish on Amazon in the month of June)
Lancashire Authors' Association wants new members
and last chance EVER to get my anthology of women's magazine stories, 'Old Friends', for free - grab it while you can!

MorvahRising Tue 21-May-13 14:17:54

Hallo! This is my first post on the blogger's forum. I mostly blog about classic children's books, and my latest post is on 'What Katy Did'. Does anyone else love and remember this?

How do you all do the clever linky word thing? confused

MorvahRising Tue 21-May-13 14:18:50

Don't even think that worked . . . will try again!

AMillionMilesOfFun Tue 21-May-13 14:36:39

This week, the boy and I made a bird finger puppet. Our thirst for making things out of loo rolls is unquenchable.

AhCmonSeriouslyNow Tue 21-May-13 15:59:25

Diagrams and digging on the blog today as my 5 year old took our sunflower project rather seriously.

FiveHoursSleep Tue 21-May-13 16:11:34

Another Nestbox webcam update

RecipeJunkie Tue 21-May-13 16:59:52

What do you when the Husband's surrounded by mamba and the kids are bickering? Bake lemon & almond buns, of course

PigeonPairNell Tue 21-May-13 19:03:50

Two from me this week.

People have told me this post made them cry:
Lost and found
And the first picture in this was terrifying:
A nature walk in London

Take your pick.

cjfriess Tue 21-May-13 19:46:07

I ♡ Bedtime

TheNewson Tue 21-May-13 20:47:52

No Spanx to Shapely Swimwear for Middle Age Spread

mrsdymond Wed 22-May-13 00:36:42

two from me this week:

Silent sunday

Happy 26 Months


mrsdymond Wed 22-May-13 00:39:53

piffle the links didn't work. Will try again!

Silent sunday

Happy 26 Months

artifarti Wed 22-May-13 11:08:22

I made Sambocade, a medieval Elderflower and Cheese Tart.

FiveHoursSleep Wed 22-May-13 16:10:10

Ribena causes trouble in our house

hamsternumber1 Wed 22-May-13 16:18:30

Mine and my husband's hobbies collided when we broke down in his classic car & landed in a bake-off

HappySnail Wed 22-May-13 17:38:16

How we can put the parenting experts out of a job.

KateDavis Wed 22-May-13 23:27:26

I needed to go buy some new jeans so did some research into how to buy flattering jeans. My post shows the result; yes it includes photographs of my backside!

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