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Is there love for Car Boot sales

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Baconrollstoplasticdolls Sun 19-May-13 11:37:41

I took the kids to a car boot sale yesterday and as always really enjoyed it. I have always loved car boots and I suppose that I always will. I think that it is the adventure, the not knowing what you are going to discover. I imagine that it could be likened to the feeling that Pirates must have experienced when they were sailing the world searching for treasure, the only difference being that I am not likely to pillage or murder for my loot. At a push I would make an awkward seller walk the plank if I could not haggle the price to my advantage.

I am not an expert when it comes to antiques or treasure; I just know what I like and I think that it is half the fun, although it would also be cool to have an inkling of what are masterpieces and what is junk. I have heard the expression ?one man's trash is another man's treasure? before but I am not convinced by the validity of such a saying. Expert or no expert some of the things that people have the audacity to try and palm off sell is incredible.

I have seen some hilarious and truly embarrassing things for sale. I mean is there really a use for a chocolate ashtray (kidding) or a dart board that looks like it has been mutilated by a pack of rabid Rottweilers? Do people really want to purchase ripped up car tyres or jigsaws with pieces missing? The answer has to be no doesn?t it? I have had one genius voluntarily own up about the incomplete jigsaw, my advice is either don?t sell it or keep quiet, but thank you for the giggle.

I also love listening to hagglers; something seems to wash over some people as soon as they enter the magical arena, they seem to lose all their morals and sense and they will haggle argue over silly amounts of money. It seems that they will only be content when they are being paid to take the items. Everyone becomes fair game, almost like prey and I think that it stops becoming about the teapot or old record etc, but more about the chase of a deal.

I do not see anything ever changing at car boots and I can safely say that I would not want them too, roll on next weekend and let the fun begin.

SisterMatic Sun 19-May-13 13:20:37

I really enjoy them, although it has been many years since I have been to one. I do keep asking DP to take us one Sunday morning but he has yet to be persuaded (and I have yet to get up really early learn to drive.)

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