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Sponsered Posts - do you? (and how much?)

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AnnieWinehouse Thu 25-Apr-13 14:18:50

I've been blogging about food for just over a year. I have just had an email from a PR company asking how much I charge per sponsored post.

I've never done one before, though I have done some reviews where a company sends me a cookbook or a product and I give my honest opinion of what I thought, then get to keep it.

I'm happy to continue with this, so I was wondering if anyone has ventured into the sponsored post further and actually get paid? Can I give a bad review if I really don't like the product? Or will they tell me what to say... I just don't want to promote something that I don't believe in.

And ultimately, how much should I charge? Considering the time it takes to cook/bake and then write the blog post, it could indeed be several hours work (although it would also be dinner!).

Has anyone got any experience, I would really appreciate your thoughts, MNBloggers!


AnnieWinehouse Thu 25-Apr-13 14:41:15

Just noticed the typo in the title... oops!

Zoel91 Thu 25-Apr-13 18:25:29

Hi Annie.
I have only done two sponsored posts before, My blog is fairly new (Started End Of August 2012) and most go on followers and how 'big' you are.
My first I got paid £60 and my second was £30.
I thought that was reasonable for my blog and what I had to do. First was write a wishlist, second was 300 odd words.
Sorry I'm not much help on how much didn't want to read and run. x

AnnieWinehouse Thu 25-Apr-13 19:03:06

Hi Zoel
Thanks for replying, that does help.
Did you give them a price or did they offer you a deal?
Will look for your blog!

zanuda Sun 26-May-13 17:02:46

...PR company asking how much I charge per sponsored post...

Sometimes they already have the text done and want you to publish it. If it is the case you could either publish under company/another author name or write short intro where you explain all this.

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