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5 Weeks pregnant and worried

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faynatalie Tue 16-Apr-13 21:11:22

Hello Im new to this and hoping that someone is able to put my mind at rest. I am 5 weeks pregnant, before i found out i was pregnant i had very sore boobs and vomiting and had spotting for a day. I a test last thursday which came up possitive.
Since this saturday my sickness has gone an my boobs do not hurt as much.
I am worrying as i had a miscarriage this time last year.
Can it be normal for the sickness ect just go?

fcknits Tue 16-Apr-13 21:52:03

We can't give you medical advice, hun. sad But I can tell you that many people have implantation bleeds that can look like spotting for a day. And many people either do not suffer from morning sickness or find it passes quickly. It is entirely possible that you are just lucky and are now experiencing an "easy" pregnancy.

However, if you are worried, the best place to be is your local EPU (or whatever they call the early pregnancy unit these days). Only a doctor can tell you if anything is going wrong. I'm just a computer screen. ;)

Fingers crossed for you and best wishes. x

SeashellHoarder Tue 16-Apr-13 21:55:04

I second that advice. If you are worried speak to a dr, get a scan. Don't worry yourself silly on your own x

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