Good Friday Celebrations Invite

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petetownshendsharddrive Thu 28-Mar-13 15:17:05

I'm excited.grin

I'm currently 3 fifths of the way through a 1.5 litre bottle of Highland Spring water as part of my prehydration strategy. wink

I've found the DVD of my best drinking exploits and have been watching it on a loop at work. Just visualizing the processes.shock

I'm going smart this year - looking good aids my drinking confidence.confused I might wear some type of adult nappy though.blush I don't want what happened last year.....

BadgerKing Thu 28-Mar-13 14:41:07

The Good Friday Sports Tie celebrations have been operating in Wetherspoons Worthing, West Sussex since 2000. Only elite holders of 1998 St Andrews High School Sports Ties have traditionally been employed for this prestige role.

Now, the time has come for the Good Friday brand to diversify and become a truely international force. After intense board discussions, Good Friday Sports Tie celebrations are this year moving to London, in order to capitalise on the national feel good factor and maintain the momentum from London 2012. This has opened up a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, Britain's hardworking mums, to attend this year's Good Friday celebrations and show the boys how it's done.

Your role: Subsequently awarded Honoury Sports Tie status, you will be responsible for upholding the standards and traditions of the Good Friday celebrations at Wetherspoons. The role will involve generally being good at banter. You: Will be an edgy go-getter, with a can-do attitude and generic and/or homogeneous personality, easily adapted to different situations. Celebrations will be held at Wetherspoons 'The Moon Under Water' in London's Leicester Square, taking place from 3pm. To find the Good Friday panel, simply look for the image of Princess Diana that will be on display. What are you waiting for? See you Good Friday smile

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