Where are we going?

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apibeeman Tue 26-Mar-13 07:25:38

Where are we going?
I was in Nairobi in the early 1980’s and being an adventurer I used to frequent an area in the Rift Valley called Suswa, in those days it was very remote.
I had been on many visits down the caves and was fascinated by diverse animal and natural life going on, as you went from one cave to the next, it was like a real life Indiana Jones adventure.
Deep down in the bowels of the caves, there was one in particular, that was full of bats, the cave was so large that the lights we had could not penetrate the darkness and it was full of bat guano, in fact we were wading up to our waists in the stuff, There were dead bats everywhere and on close inspection if you looked at a hand full of guano, it was moving and full of bugs. The smell of ammonia was overpowering and the shrill of the bats that were clearly expressing how they didn’t approve of our presence, caused one to lose balance and stumble.
After some minutes of exploring around the cave, to my surprise one bat flew at my face and when it was within a couple of inches, spat at me. In all my visits, which were probably 10 over a number of years, this had never happened before I was a bit concerned as bats do carry rabies.
After satisfying ourselves with enough adventure for the day, we returned in our 4wd Toyota to Nairobi. I have never been back to Suswa since.
About a week later one evening I started to suffer from a fever. The next morning, I was not well at all, so went to the Nairobi hospital.
I was immediately admitted into hospital for a stay of two weeks, and I can honestly say it was a period when I felt so bad I wanted to die. In the end it transpired I had Pneumonic Plague.
It all turns out, the antibiotics worked for me and I am one of the lucky ones, as 80% of sufferers do not survive.
I am telling you this because it is relatively easy to be infected by this disease, and in spite of all the technology we have these days, we are quite ignorant and vulnerable.
In the seventh century, the human population was too large and poorly fed, there were wars and no medication to tackle plague and humanity was nearly wiped out. The plague came from the east via the silk route.
In the fourteenth century, the same scenario, there is plenty to read on the subject as Pepys documented it well; again the disease came from the east.
Now we have the twenty first century, these are the major outbreaks that happen every seven hundred years, there are smaller outbreaks that happen between.
We have populations weakened by wars, diseases that are resistant to antibiotics, massive over population, massive loss of pollinators and bees, so this will cause famine. We also will have famine, caused by the financial situation.
There is lack of hygiene, couple of examples Chinas rivers full of dead ducks and pigs and Naples lack of trash removal, plenty of war ravaged countries.
Large ships carrying rats, rat fleas and disease.
Do you not think we are on the verge of history repeating itself?

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