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Adding pages on Wordpress pls help!

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MikeandLor Tue 12-Mar-13 11:44:17


I think what you might need to do is 'tag' your posts with catagories. We do film reviews and so our tags are mostly film genres. Then you can use those catagories to make a clickable menu (in the Appearance > Menu section of the Dashboard). You can even group them together to make a drop down menu, as we have done.

Also there is a widget called 'alphabet listing' which you can install (i couldn't find it searching directly on wordpress but a google search brought it up). This will then let you place a widget in the side bar (or wherever) the looks like an alphabet grid and make finding each post by the first letter of the title quite easy.

Feel free to check us out at for examples. I'm by no means a wordpress expert and have been muddling my way through, but I think i've picked up the basics now.

Good luck!

Sixtiesmax Mon 11-Mar-13 11:20:47

Can anyone tell me how to transfer content from my blog home page/main page to other pages? I was hoping it was a case of cut and paste but I want to archive previous posts and put them into more searchable format rather than the endless scrolling.


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