Craft Bloggers - could we do something with this?

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TheWombat Wed 06-Mar-13 14:31:53

My best friend in the world has breast cancer. She is 36. She's doing really well, but it's awful. Last week when I was hunting around to find something I could give her (as if any gift can make any difference, at all) to help her recover from her mastectomy, I discovered this project:

The Heart Pillow Project

This is a project set up by a breast care nurse in Denmark. She wanted to find something to ease discomfort post-mastectomy and hit on this very easy heart pillow design. The little dip in the heart fits just under the arm and makes it easier to sleep, supports the arm, and prevents bumps in the car, etc.

My sewing skills are dreadful, but I made a pillow following the very easy pattern for my friend - and she was so pleased.

You can see the pillow at my blog here. It took only 2 fat quarters and about an hour and a half to make (and that's me with my crapper-than-crap sewing).

It made me think: the original heart pillow project sparked networks with people producing heart pillows for patients in hospitals all over the world, but from what I've seen on the internet, it hasn't taken off in the UK yet. There might be a good reason for this (or I might be wrong and there are networks doing this), but I wondered if we could generate some publicity through our blogs for this, or at least develop a little network of crafty bloggers who might want to join in a project like this.

So, is this something us MN bloggers could think about? Am I biting off more than I can chew? Let me know what you think..

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TheWoollybacksWife Wed 06-Mar-13 15:03:06

That is lovely. I'm not a blogger but I can sew a bit. I'll make a couple if the project gets going.

DillyTante Sun 10-Mar-13 13:54:08

Bumping for you

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