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Advice needed about post breast feeding breasts!

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JackieSBrown Wed 27-Feb-13 11:21:52

I have recently stopped breast feeding as my daughter is now 9 months old. I stopped about a month and a half ago now and my breasts have gone really small and non existent, even smaller than what they were before i fell pregnant which is a little depressing! This is my first child. I am seriously thinking about having a breast augmentation for the future if they do not grow back. Its making me very self conscious about my body, i am quite small anyway, im a size 10 in clothes and usually 34B, i would say now though that i have recently noticed my B cup bra is even getting a bit big and not fitting me as well. If anyone else has this problem or have any suggestions to help lift my confidence slightly or advise on maybe using chicken fillets to temporary fill my bra. I would be very grateful to any mummy's out there for any tips or suggestions on this matter! I have a beautiful daughter and I hope that my issues i have with my breasts is a temporary thing and it goes away or i magically grow bigger boobs over night!! Thank you for reading my little moan, i know i am not the only women in the world that probably suffers with this problem but its just really disheartening......

TrishyT Wed 27-Feb-13 11:59:27

Ok firstly, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!! For now please do not even think about having a breast augmentation just yet, this is a major op and needs serious thought. Your daughter is not even a year old yet. I completely understand how your feeling as i had the same problem with small boobs after breast feeding, i think almost every mother has this worry or issue with their breasts post feeding, its completely natural and you shouldn't feel depressed by this, just look at your little girl and what your body has been through the past year! By all means try out things like chicken fillets or padded bra etc as these are less costly and less invasive then going under the knife.....There are plenty of alternatives to having a boob job, im sorry to be so negative on this matter, iv just heard too many horror stories and would want you to really think hard about what your putting into your body. Would you regret this in a few years time? I can recommend a company that sell chicken fillets for you to take a look at and hopefully this will make you have a re think about a boob job, il leave a link for you
I hope you start to feel a little better and all i can really recommend is enjoy being a mummy and think about your daughter anytime you are feeling a bit low, you sound to me like a fab mummy and just to remind you your not the only woman to suffer with these issues, they are all completely normal and hopefully will pass very soon!

Congratulations on your lovely new baby!

Please don't think I am rude, but have you looked over on any of the bra fitting threads? I notice you say you are a size 10 and wearing a 34b, which suggests your bra is probably too big in the back. I know it won't actually change your breasts, but the right bra can make a world of difference to how you look and feel. Sadly, a lot of the big retailers are getting their bra fitting very wrong...

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