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Anyone out there? Come and introduce yourself and your blog!!

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Craftsonsea Thu 31-Jan-13 09:43:37

Hello, I would love to read more blogs by people on this network and I'm sure others would too! Please introduce yourself and your blog and drop in your url, twitter handle and facebook page so we can all try and find some new things that might interest us! I'll start eh?
I write CraftsonSea which is non pretentious crafty stuff wink sewing, silversmithing, cooking, the odd rant, sometimes a bit of photogaphy or Essex stuff. My facebook page is over here and I tweet at @craftsonsea
Right who's next?

AmberNectarine Sat 09-Feb-13 11:46:09

Hello, just wanted to come and wave hello I have just started Twentymumthing which is a fashion blog. I am @Ambernj1 on twitter, though if not tweeted much as yet as I have no followers, but intend to start.

AmberNectarine Sat 09-Feb-13 11:46:52

My English isn't normally that dodgy, honest!

Going to scroll back and check out the blogs on this thread now!

overmydeadbody Sat 09-Feb-13 14:50:15

Hello everyone,

I have a blog called So Resourceful, it has been going for two and a half years now and has a nice regular group of followers.

overmydeadbody Sat 09-Feb-13 14:52:51

Forgot to add, my blog is another crafty one, that focusses on being resourceful with tihngs, this year I am focussing on using up all my scrap fabric rather than buying new stuff (I have a bit of a fabric addiction).

I love your rainbow pictures, overmydeadbody! I'm following your blog and have commented. And you are clearly in a whole different league to me, when it comes to crafting - you do lovely work.

piggyfair Mon 11-Feb-13 11:21:37

Hello, there! It's Piggy. I've really enjoyed looking at all these wonderful blogs.

Mine is:

I'm having a jolly good time writing it too. I hope you'll have a look.

CaffeineAndKeyboards Mon 11-Feb-13 13:02:33

Hi! I've just recently joined the blogging network! I've been blogging for years, but this blog is basically about me writing a novel and random waffling about life and creativity and the like.

Caffeine & Keyboards

kelzw84 Mon 11-Feb-13 19:55:13

Hi their, Im kelly a single mum to 2 kids from and i would love to follow some of your blogs and to get some more followers on mine, my twitter is @2kiddiesnme and my blog is smile

Georgie1987 Mon 11-Feb-13 22:34:35

New blog started beginning of the year I'm a stay at home mum of 2 little ladies training to run my first half marathon in October smile
Twitter @gobby_hunni
Blog -

Looking forward to reading through some more blogs xxx

Mummykindnessrachel Tue 12-Feb-13 20:26:48

Hello! I'm Rachel and my blog is It's about a month old. My blog is about mums being kinder to themselves and each other. It also looks at my ongoing struggle with PND.

My Facebook page is and I'm on twitter @mummykindness. I'd love to hear from you!

wickeddevil Tue 12-Feb-13 20:39:36

Hi I'm a newby blogger (3 days in now), and still trying to do the pictures and the pretty stuff

If anyone has any good tips please share them.

My very fresh blog is teaclub925 at Wordpress, it's about the ups and downs of an everyday office tea club

BeebiesQueen Wed 13-Feb-13 12:42:22

Hi, I'm Cakes, Kids and other Ramblings I've been blogging for some time now, but between being busy and having block, keep taking breaks.

I'm still gettign to grips with twitter, but can sometimes be found here

NourishingButtons Wed 13-Feb-13 14:32:02


I'm Lu and I blog/will be blogging about natural and holistic family care, nutrition, starting a nutrition business, natural housekeeping and beauty care.

I am new to this and would really appreciate feedback, and if you are interested in these areas would love it if you wanted to follow me ;)

Look forward to checking out your blogs, its all very exciting, I am a technophobe ostrich by nature but am slowly getting a bit addicted!

smile smile smile

NourishingButtons Wed 13-Feb-13 14:32:52

Doh would help if I linked to my blog

ThisLittleP Wed 13-Feb-13 14:52:36

What a fab thread, I am now thinking 'roll on bedtime' so I can have a good browse through everyone else's blogs grin Big thanks to OP.

Hi, I'm Erika, my (fashion) blog is This Little Pretty, I've been blogging a little while, but haven't really 'put it out there' too much as I am a wimp see such alot of criticism of mums who like to wear their nice gear. I just like clothes!!! And high heels!! Simple as that.

Twitter is here

I'd be very grateful for feedback, and of course it's always a boost when someone leaves comments (down on begging knees!), and even more so when someone follows you (and gives me a chance to follow back smile).

I haven't as many posts as I'd like lately as I'm training for London marathon in April, so seem to be forever in running gear, not much opportunity for heels these days.

Oh, living in Essex wink and mum to DD who is nearly 6 and DS who is nearly 3.

Giving all you fellow bloggers a big high-five. Keep up the good work ladies.

Mummykindness - I have followed your blog, because I too struggled with PND (exacerbating, in my case, undiagnosed depression), and it is good to know that you are not alone. I hope that writing helps you banish the black dog.

wickeddevil Wed 13-Feb-13 15:07:08

Thanks for all these blog suggestions everyone. Particularly looking forward to the ones about crafts and baking - which are obsessions hobbies of mine.

Hello too to all the Essex girls (wink)

My blog is at

Alreethinny Wed 13-Feb-13 18:07:19

What a great idea for a thread. I shall set about stalking you all on twitter and having a nosey through your blogs.

I blog about our Geordie/American parenting experiment, teenagers, days out in North East England, our creatures:- hens, cats and a dog, ASD and whatever mundane thing takes my fancy.
I blog at Alreethinny
I'm on Twitter @Alreethinny

ThisLittleP Wed 13-Feb-13 21:22:40

AMillionMilesOfFun I am bookmarking your blog as inspiration for toddler crafts. Thankyou for the fab ideas smile

ThisLittleP Wed 13-Feb-13 21:54:34

bessie26 your recipes look amazing. I have bookmarked you too and can't wait to give some of them a bash smile

bessie26 Wed 13-Feb-13 23:40:06

nourishing - I keep thinking about re-training to do nutrition, so will be following your blog with interest!

Glad you like the recipes ThisLittleP grin - all comments are appreciated!

Thanks for starting this thread OP - have seen some lovely blogs on here!

ediblewoman Thu 14-Feb-13 07:48:03

I have two blogs, both blogging as Liberty Hall. I blog about things I do with my children, mostly crafts, science experiments and cake here and about my efforts to reduce our family food cost and still make food we all want to eat here

Some of your blogs are really lovely. Zoe, I'm in Brighton too x

AMillionMilesOfFun Thu 14-Feb-13 10:24:56

Thanks ThisLittleP... and may I say I particularly like your choice of typeface for your body text, looks great!

Alreethinny - I have a wordpress blog, and would love to follow yours, but can't find the follow button on your page. Am I being very dim (likely)?

BIWI Thu 14-Feb-13 16:25:15


I'm certainly not new to Mumsnet, but I am very new to blogging and have just been accepted into the Bloggers' Network. Hurrah!

This is my latest blog

I'm blogging about my progress as a runner, as I'm committed to doing a 5K run in October, for MrsDeVere's charity of choice, World Child Cancer . MrsDeVere lost her daughter Billie to cancer when she was only 14.

I'm on Twitter in my real name @alisonstarr and a version of my MN name @TheRealBIWI. Don't mind if you follow either or both (or neither!)

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