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Does this count as a blog?

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FrankieMegMeg Sat 26-Jan-13 21:48:32

Not sure it is really. But it sort of tracks my little girl and my hobbies

YoungDebbie Sun 27-Jan-13 19:23:59

Yes, I reckon it's a blog, as long as you keep adding to it and sharing links to the new items. I especially love the list "Is it normal to.." - that really rang bells with me (and my daughter's 9 now!) Love the crafts too. I think this is the first website I've seen made with the 1&1 package which I think is the one I've seen adverts for on the telly. A bit startled by all the adverts that keep popping up there, which are a bit distracting. Have you had a look at Wordpress, which can offer you the same service only free and without the constant ads? Just a thought... Still like your site though smile

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