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Can someone help me with Wordpress static homepage

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fruitstick Mon 28-Jan-13 15:32:04

That's really helpful, thank you.

YoungDebbie Sat 26-Jan-13 12:44:04

Don't worry, not need to change the theme! The solution's quite easy.
First, set up a new page, to be named whatever you want to call the page that your posts will appear on e.g. "News" or Blog.

Then, go to the Settings part of the dashboard, and go to the Reading tab. At the top, it asks you to designate whether you want your posts to appear on your home page or a static page. Click static page, then scroll down the two boxes to designate "About" as your front page and "News" (or whatever you've called the new page) to show your posts. Press save at the bottom of the page.

Now, when some types in your URL, they'll get the About page, and there'll be another tab on the top line (or elsewhere, accordeing to what your theme is) that is your posts page.

If you prefer to keep your blog to a single page with no menu, you can set your "About " info up as a post and make it a "sticky post" which means it always appears at the top of your blog posts, but not all themes have a sticky post option.

I have blogs on which I do both of these things. At I've got my blog posts on a front page, and the rest of the pages have other stuff on. On book promotion blog,, there's a static home page but also a blog page with a sticky post at the top here:

If you still have problems, feel free to contact me via the contact form on either of those sites, and if you tell me your email address and the web URL that you're working on, I'll be happy to help. Good luck!

fruitstick Thu 24-Jan-13 15:40:19


I have a wordpress blog that I run for a charity scheme.

Up until now, the home page has just been a scroll of latest posts, with a separate 'About' page explaining the project.

They would like me to put the About information on the homepage, and have the latest blogpost underneath, with all the other posts filed in columns down the side.

I can manage a static homepage with the 'About' information, but can't work out how I can also include the latest blog below it.

Is it a theme issue? Will I need to change the theme?

Can anyone help?

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