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New Posts Sunday 13th January to Saturday 19th January

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YoungDebbie Sun 13-Jan-13 00:31:26

Anyone else getting the urge to tidy up this weekend or is it just me?

A Study In Tidiness

And no, I'm NOT pregnant and "nesting"! But there IS a cause for my compulsion that I suspect many of you will share! Let me know if you agree...

RecipeJunkie Sun 13-Jan-13 08:00:38

I have The Marmalade Blues

Craftsonsea Sun 13-Jan-13 11:27:10

A quick silent sunday from me cos I'm busy writing blog number two!!

overmydeadbody Sun 13-Jan-13 11:46:56

I have finally finished, and blogged about, my first ever patchwork quilt.

I made it completely out of my scrap fabric stash apart from the backing which I bought a double flat sheet and used.

It only took me 18 months to finally get round to finishing it after I started cutting out the squares!

I'd really appreciate feedback as I have never made a quilt before. smile

StewieGriffinsMom Sun 13-Jan-13 12:22:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

plantsitter Sun 13-Jan-13 12:33:26

I am over sharing again.

StephanieDA Sun 13-Jan-13 14:48:24

Talking to my teenage daughter about what to wear without screaming 'you're not going out dressed like that!!' My latest blog is here:

borninastorm Sun 13-Jan-13 17:05:29

I'm having another rant, this time about communal changing rooms in secondary schools.

FiveHoursSleep Sun 13-Jan-13 18:44:01

A Silent Sunday from me too. It's a funny tale...

fuzzypicklehead Sun 13-Jan-13 20:03:05

Overmydeadbody, that is fantastic! (Also, noticed I have the same futon and chest of drawers as you, but they look much better with your quilt. )

fuzzypicklehead Sun 13-Jan-13 20:04:36

Oh, and I posted a fulfilling photo roundup to cover all the things we've been making over the festive season.

sallyjenkins Sun 13-Jan-13 20:05:07

I'm trying to get to grips with e-publishing

ATOmum Mon 14-Jan-13 00:59:30

I've blogged about sex, friendship and relationships.. just the usual then..

Irresponsibility, sexting and public displays of affection

cjfriess Mon 14-Jan-13 08:27:01

Have You Seen the Crocodile?

sonnyandluca Mon 14-Jan-13 12:00:54

My little sister and I have started a project called Motherbare - The anonymous thoughts of a parent.

Mark, Sonny, & Luca

wrestlingalligators Mon 14-Jan-13 13:32:13

Especially for mums of boys:

Baby boys: not a consolation prize!

Pleased to have found your writing blog, sallyjenkins!

yassusarah Mon 14-Jan-13 13:45:07

Riding horses keeps me sane in the cold weather and dark nights

FiveHoursSleep Mon 14-Jan-13 13:52:34

This morning we had just Enough Snow This afternoon we are having quite a lot more!

CollectorofCookbooks Mon 14-Jan-13 14:02:03

I spent most of the weekend eating, and why I love Jamie Oliver.

Nanniejo Mon 14-Jan-13 15:01:09

I should be at the gym now, but have written this blog post instead, about eating and now I reeeaallly fancy a piece of my choc and banana cake- oh dear- well here's the blog post anyway:
Now That Is Tasty..

mumsmakelists2 Mon 14-Jan-13 17:20:38


We made it through ... just ... a party of 14 three to four year olds, (plus mums and a few dads & siblings), crammed into our house for littl'un's third birthday.

AhCmonSeriouslyNow Mon 14-Jan-13 19:23:44

This one may not be for those of a sensitive disposition - my daughter and I made a stuffed cat/thing/monster

Introducing She-la with apologies for ensuing nightmares

HebeinDC Mon 14-Jan-13 19:32:12

After the US election, I worried I would have nothing to write about. So thanks, Joe Biden, for being you.

You just put your lips together and blow, Joe .... why Vice President Joe Biden is like a BIG OLD SEXY TROMBONE.

hertfordshiremummy Mon 14-Jan-13 20:00:16

What else is there to do on a snowy day but keep calm and make soup!

SamanthaBarnesArtypops Mon 14-Jan-13 21:42:10

It's been a pretty bloody marvellous Monday over here... Enjoy x

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