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Should I add old blog posts to my new blog?

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heathibiza Mon 07-Jan-13 21:38:15

I guess it might work to delete the old but google is a funny creature and takes a while to catch up with changes so I'm not sure. Maybe you could rewrite the old a little. It doesn't need total overhaul from what he tells me , just a shuffle about!

minicorrect Mon 07-Jan-13 21:24:23

Thanks for your comments. Don't know much about SEO yet, so that's an interesting point. Maybe I should delete the old stuff then once it's reposted- would that work? I ended up creating a new category and then a post to explain it and then virtually reposting the old posts. And so far, these have had the most views which reassures me it was the right thing to do! Still not many, but it's all a start isn't it! grin

heathibiza Mon 07-Jan-13 20:35:04

Just a small point and it may not be relevant if it's not too much you're planning to use but generally google doesn't like repeated content and it may work against your ranking if that is important for you. Maybe rewrite a little. My seo guy for my business site strangles me if I use repeated descriptions between my two sites smile

girlbehind Sun 06-Jan-13 08:09:32

... might also consider adding a link post on your old blog so those readers know where to find you.

(sorry - pressed send too quickly there).

girlbehind Sun 06-Jan-13 08:07:20

I would add them, definitely, although would use it as a chance to rewrite anything that needs tidying up.

If you're writing to help others, make sure titles and keywords are good to attract people via SEO.

If you decide not to bring your old posts over, you

minicorrect Sun 06-Jan-13 07:59:53

I have recently started blogging about being a lesbian parent and have been wondering if I should add the posts from an old blog I briefly wrote that covers my TTC journey. It's about 15 fairly short posts that cover my initial appointments at the fertility clinic to my first few weeks of pregnancy. I didn't publicise it at all at the time as I hadn't told anyone we were trying and really was just using it as a kind of diary, but some of the information could be useful to anyone going down the assisted conception route.

In the 3.5 years it's been published, it's had around 3500 views without any effort on my part, so must be of interest.

How would I go about it if I do add it - what would be the best format? I notice I can backdate posts on Wordpress, so could essentially just do that, but was thinking there might be something more creative I could do. Any suggestions?


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