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My 50th blog post!

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peekyboo Wed 19-Dec-12 10:29:11

I'm very pleased to have reached the 50th blog post, since starting in October.
I had a bit of a bump at the end of November after someone posted hateful, dreadful comments about me on a page where I mentioned my blog. It's hard not to let horrible people affect you, even when you are determined to carry on regardless.
I'm back on track now, though, and really pleased to be blogging again!
My 50th post is about the aspie effect, or the strange reactions I get from people sometimes when I think I'm being normal!


2under2blog Wed 19-Dec-12 10:49:27

Ooh what a little scumbag! I am not one for wishing bad things on others but I hope they lose their keys.

Well done you for ignoring and overcoming. And congrats on post #50!

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