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New posts 17th- 22nd December

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FiveHoursSleep Mon 17-Dec-12 10:36:50

Sorry to start the week on a downer, but I wanted to know whether people had talked to their kids about the shootings in Connecticut, or not

TheNewson Wed 19-Dec-12 13:49:53

Our cupboards are usually sparse and the kids think it's a treat when we splurge on a multipack of Quavers or Chocolate Animals. So imagine their delight when not one, but two pipes, of Pringles arrive?

costumequeen Wed 19-Dec-12 14:23:16

A review of a craft book (actually a christmas present!) on mine today!

Luce808 Wed 19-Dec-12 14:38:29

I've not posted for a while, but here's my end of term musings on synthetic phonics.

andapartridgeinapeartree Wed 19-Dec-12 15:04:58

The story of our 'Muffin-top bed'. C'mon you're due a break...enjoy! x

FeeFoo Wed 19-Dec-12 15:06:15

smile I’ve been asked to write a post on simplifying Christmas, I’m not sharing a recipe as I usually do, though I will of course be sharing some soon… For now, here goes.

Bex66 Wed 19-Dec-12 15:55:41

I've posted some tips on surviving Xmas without putting on too many pounds!

PavlovtheCat Wed 19-Dec-12 19:13:16 layed up on the sofa!]]

PavlovtheCat Wed 19-Dec-12 19:13:33

[[ and again

PavlovtheCat Wed 19-Dec-12 19:13:48

[ argh]]

PavlovtheCat Wed 19-Dec-12 19:14:44

oh bloody hell i give up for the billionth time

hertfordshiremummy Wed 19-Dec-12 20:16:11

This Christmas I have shelved all plans to become Nigella - it's going to be a nice, lazy day (I hope)

Luce808 Wed 19-Dec-12 20:59:40

Blimey, my post seems to have touched a nerve. I've had almost 200 viewings since this afternoon! I've never had that much in a week before!

minimumthebare Wed 19-Dec-12 21:30:11

It can't just be me who has dodgy Christmas skin too many late nights, chocolates and mince pies two recommended spot zappers to get you looking gorgeous for the big day!

RecipeJunkie Wed 19-Dec-12 22:37:27

I got a Leibster Award and a Beautiful Blogger Award. Read all about why I can't play monopoly and find out whether I'd choose cheese or chocolate...

AhCmonSeriouslyNow Thu 20-Dec-12 02:40:16

Oh my, I posted twice today about bed-hopping here and about candy canes, bolognese and artistic sensibilities here

One of them has pictures that I drew all by myself! (using Paint)

2under2blog Thu 20-Dec-12 11:00:04

Bugs bugs everywhere! Getting through the pukey/snotty season when you have little ones to look after:

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 20-Dec-12 11:29:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PavlovtheCat Thu 20-Dec-12 11:46:18

applying for DLA advice welcome!

FiveHoursSleep Thu 20-Dec-12 12:44:01

Has anyone else got Christmas Fever?

sallyjenkins Thu 20-Dec-12 13:05:18

Has anyone ever been to the Museum of Broken Relationships ?
It looks bitter-sweet and contains loads of ideas for writerly types.

gardeningmum Thu 20-Dec-12 13:14:08

We have just made a twig reindeer

gardeningmum Thu 20-Dec-12 13:14:45

We have just made a twig reindeer

Avenue57 Thu 20-Dec-12 13:57:56

How to shop in TK Maxx - a useful guide here

minimumthebare Thu 20-Dec-12 16:53:48

Wow, love your Megan Fox response, SGM, am gobsmacked by that deeply unpleasant piece in the Independent!

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 20-Dec-12 18:32:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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