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Mummy bloggers – the retail industry’s secret weapon?

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hmm thats a hard question.

As bloggers- be that parent, craft, cooking, beauty etc etc, we are social commentators, so I feel personally that we are writing about what we see going on. It doesn't mean we "support" certain things, its an observation on life and what's around us.

My dd is 5, nearly 6, and loves clothes, fashion and make up. She isn't going out plastered in make up, but she has a passing interest in it as do her school friends. I report back that children are gaining an interest in things my generation would deem of more interest to older tweens. I don't think its necessary to add a disclaimer advising what I do and don't agree with- over time readers will hopefully gauge that anyway by your style.

DidYouPackThePassport Tue 11-Dec-12 14:41:23

I just guest posted on Ophelia Benson's platform for rational thought, "Butterflies and Wheels", about the commercial sexualisation of children and the way society is failing to prevent it. As bloggers do you think we have a moral responsibility for what we write?

"Cosmetics and shopping are what make eight-year-old girls tick." Really?

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