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New posts 2-8 December

(106 Posts)
Luce808 Sun 02-Dec-12 07:31:24

I wrote this one last night but have been saving it. On adapting children's books for the stage

Thisisaeuphemism Sun 02-Dec-12 08:51:10

I wrote about the secret to a happy marriage

Hi Lucy, I'm going to have to read DS's copy of Skellig because of you!

Luce808 Sun 02-Dec-12 09:33:00

Hooray! I feel a bit evangelical about it, making it my mission to get everyone to read it.

ATOmum Sun 02-Dec-12 10:17:51

Morning! I've blogged about trying to get back to normal after a break up - all thoughts greatly appreciated!

Getting back to the ordinary again

FiveHoursSleep Sun 02-Dec-12 11:27:50

This week Silent Sunday is back where it started. This is a good linky to join in with if you like photography

ThatDudeSanta Sun 02-Dec-12 11:28:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maninhispyjamas Sun 02-Dec-12 11:33:43

Good morning,

I have written a new post about advent calendars and how not to inadvertently traumatise your child, bad mouth squirrels and nearly cause a kick-off at Customer Services. Seems so silly when you say it ouloud....

HappyGoJules Sun 02-Dec-12 11:58:22

Here's my guest blog

gardeningmum Sun 02-Dec-12 13:57:13

We really did visit an enchanted woodland on Friday evening

RhinestoneCowgirl Sun 02-Dec-12 16:55:08

After years of meaning to get round to it, I made a fabric advent calendar for my children...

lolilolilou Sun 02-Dec-12 18:04:20

Science-y one from me this week trying to get more people interested in how the female body adapts to being pregnant

Let me know what you think!

Julierose Sun 02-Dec-12 18:26:29

well, I've have to read 'the secret to a happy marriage' as mine failed miserably there!

In keeping with the jolly ho, I've shared a homemade peppermint hot chocolate recipe... we'll be making these for teachers' gifts this year

PS: What do you give as teachers' gifts?

DillyTante Sun 02-Dec-12 19:28:30

Oh Happy Days

AhCmonSeriouslyNow Sun 02-Dec-12 21:19:28

Not sure if I'll keep up the momentum of blogging every day as well as doing the crafts but here is Conquering Christmas, day 2 The Joy of Jingly Bells which contains a wreath and a Christmassy wind chime.

Breadandwine Sun 02-Dec-12 22:20:58

Mad a couple of soda bread calzones today - one for my daughter for her train journey, then one for my lunch:

Cooked in the frying pan, they only take about 30 minutes!

Flamingmarvellous Mon 03-Dec-12 09:41:34

So... what was in the box?! You HAVE to see this...the most wonderful gift we have ever been given..well done the olds! x

Lesbeadiva Mon 03-Dec-12 10:27:04

Here is my Christmas List

mumsmakelists2 Mon 03-Dec-12 11:37:15

Working conditions and product quality at the Christmas card factory in our sitting room have fallen and I fear the elves may take industrial action... confused

RhinestoneCowgirl Mon 03-Dec-12 13:22:27

mumsmakelists - you are dedicated, making all those cards!

Second post of the week from me - ideal for homemade gift hampers, spiced carrot chutney

BlueEyeshadow Mon 03-Dec-12 13:57:02

Going to look at some of these in a moment - particularly like the sound of carrot chutney!

New post yesterday from me - You learn something new every day - which includes a picture of Gauguin playing the harmonium without his trousers on.

WithTheDude Mon 03-Dec-12 14:13:52

My bloghop for the 16 Days of Activism on VAW is continuing with lots of great contributions from MN bloggers. There is room for more though!

I also wrote this on the normalisation of domestic violence

FoxtrotFoxtrotSierra Mon 03-Dec-12 18:54:08

How not to present to a university class

Bex66 Mon 03-Dec-12 19:23:42

Foxtrot - your post made me chuckle!!!

I've been busy trail running this past week.

ParsleyTheLioness Mon 03-Dec-12 19:28:47

I need to stop watching daytime tv and get some more work done smile

RecipeJunkie Mon 03-Dec-12 21:53:26

2 posts from me - my favourite foodie blog linky, Forever Nigella, is open for December - the theme Christmas (of course). if you love the Goddess, check it out; and a post about crema catalana - or why I need a blowtorch for Christmas - and reviewing some pretty groovy French porcelain kitchenware to boot

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