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Oh, flip. Someone with a brain help me, please!

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Goofus Sat 01-Dec-12 18:21:43

Disclaimer: I'm utterly crap with anything technical so barely have a clue what I'm talking about, sorry.

Right, I've just discovered this whole blogging stuff. Looks fun.

Yesterday I set up a blog. It was the basic google blogger, not the google + (or whatever that's called) I followed/added a few blogs that interested me.

Well, then I decided to set up the Google+ version instead so deleted my old basic one (although, I have a feeling I could have just upgraded it- duh!)

So deleted the old one, set up a brand new Google+ account, went to follow/add the blogs I was following previously and now none of them will allow me to add. It either says the site owner has blocked me from adding them or that it can't handle my request and to try again later. This is EVERY single blog I try to add.
What's happened? Anyone? confused

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