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Is a blog what Im looking for?

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LillethTheCat Sun 25-Nov-12 12:35:42

I wouldn't know how to create a password protected document. Is that easy?

I will have a look at making it private. I can see what you mean about having to assume people will see it, but I don't really want to hold back either. There will be no point to me doing one if I hold back as the reasons behind me wanting to do it is to let it all out.

There will be about 5 people in the whole world (until the DCs grow up a bit) who will work out its me by what I post, 1 of them is me, 1 is DH (who has no interest in general surfing the net let alone reading any blogs whatsoever), 1 is MIL (who really doesn't know much about computers). The other 2 are my parents. My dad (Im pretty sure) doesn't know how to turn a computer on and my mum may find it, but I just can't see her looking around for blogs to follow. I dont really have any friends who know me that well.

I kind of like the idea that I am telling someone, but at the same time wouldnt want anyone I know to know what I am saying if that makes sense. I dont care if random strangers know how lonely or unhappy I may be at times. I certainly dont intend to do it entertain anyone or inform anyone of anything. Most blogs seem to be for public consumption and to share experiences with the world. Mine is to get my feelings out and work things out in my head. I dont care if I have followers or not. So should I be doing one of the above suggestions (private blog or password protected document)

DillyTante Sun 25-Nov-12 08:56:02

Hmmm you say 'Id rather keep it hidden from those I know so Im thinking blogging might be the way.' yet you want to put it out there for everyone else in the world to see?

I worry that people will regret putting so many of their thoughts and feelings out in the public domain. If what you reall want to do is write a private diary can't you use a password protected document or even a private blog?

If however part of what you want is people interacting with you and responding then writing a blog is great. You have to REALLY think about what your motivation is here.

If you do decide to write one I wouldn't worry too much about any of the rules though about doing it wrong. Your writing and style will develop. Though if you are writing for public consumption then for me personally it is important that writing at least be grammatically correct.

I recently posed some questions of bloggers asking why they blogged and the overwhelming response was that they all got something positive from it. It helped them process things and see new things in the world. It can be a really positive experience. But you have to assume that people you know might read it when you write. And for me that always makes me hold back.

stitchNting Sat 24-Nov-12 10:11:48

Hi there! As an outlet I think s blog is good for you. I would recommend keeping it very abstract about people in real life, especially if what you're writing is personal. Give people androgynous nicknames so even if your RL friends came across it, they'd never guess it was you. You don't want to offend anyone! You don't need a writing style or a topic for your blog really... Just write about what you want smile

LillethTheCat Sat 24-Nov-12 09:59:49

I did write in chat, but have decided that this is the best place for my questions. So I apologise to anyone who has seen my original thread from yesterday.

Im a bit worried Im doing something silly really.

A long long time ago I would dip in and out of keeping a diary. This would help me do various things. Keep note of what has happened, make decisions, let out any frustrations and see things from a different perspective. Back then I was single and so it was easy, but now I am married with DCs I dont really want to be writing it all down in a notebook. Id rather keep it hidden from those I know so Im thinking blogging might be the way.

The only thing is from having a (admittedly) quick look around other blogs my blog is no where near as good as others Ive seen as its simply just a diary. Im not there to give advice, to share my life story and I very much doubt anyone would want to read it. I dont want to make money out of it (Ive never been any good at creative writing anyway). I just want a place to type out my thoughts (after all typing is so much easier for me than putting pen to paper). If people follow, fine fair enough, if no-one does then thats fine too.

Is a blog the right thing or is there something else I should be doing? I certainly wont be telling anyone in RL I have a blog. I will share my thoughts and feelings, but wont name names (only first initials or DH, DD etc) but everything is the truth and will just be an over spillage from my thoughts. Obviously there is a chance that someone I know will find my blog and work out its me, but how likely is that really? Only a handful of people will know for certain its me as Im a fairly secretive person anyway and most people only know the basics (such as children etc)

So are blogs really just for those who are good at writing creatively or can they just be a form of diary like mine is? Im just worried Im doing it wrong (not that anyone will care I suppose)

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