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Why do you need traffic?

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Lougle Fri 16-Nov-12 16:32:34

I have a question which might sound a bit daft. Why do you need traffic? Do people make money from blogs, or its it just to feel good?

Trills Fri 16-Nov-12 16:35:14

If you have advertising, you need traffic or else you won't get any money.

You might one day want to write a book, and lots of traffic proves that people want to read the stuff you write.

It might make you feel good to know that people read the things you write.

If you have no visitors you won't get any comments, and you might like reading the comments people leave and replying to them.

Lougle Fri 16-Nov-12 16:44:29

Ok, so a mixture of feel good factor and money making?

Trills Fri 16-Nov-12 16:45:06

Not necessarily a mixture., It depends what your blog is for.

Caerlaverock Fri 16-Nov-12 16:46:04

Is there any point in blogging if no one reads it?

Lougle Fri 16-Nov-12 17:04:22

Caerlaverock, I think that's what I'm trying to establish smile do true bloggers blog anyway, even if they never get a reader, or would that just be an online diary?

Caerlaverock Fri 16-Nov-12 17:07:05

Personally I blog about my work both to share information and generate sales for my stuff. I also enjoy it and it is a good record of my progress

Lougle Fri 16-Nov-12 17:08:31

Fab smile

I'd like to blog about special needs, I just wonder if it would get an audience?

Trills Fri 16-Nov-12 17:28:13

Almost certainly, especially if you tell people about it here and leave comments on other blogs about similar subjects.

Lougle Fri 16-Nov-12 17:43:50

Ok, thanks smile I'll spend a bit of time reading about blogging.

overmydeadbody Sun 18-Nov-12 00:11:57

If your blog is interesting, or niche, and well written, it will get traffic. Simple.

No traffic means your blog is just not interesting to others.

overmydeadbody Sun 18-Nov-12 00:14:51

posted too soon.

If your blog is just a personal diary, then it doesn't matter that you have no traffic and no one else interested in your writing.

But blogging is about sharing with others, and I'd say most bloggers like some followers, and commentors, even if they are mostly friends and family! A blog could just be a way to keep in contact with family around the world, about family things, that no one else would be interested in, so traffic wouldn't matter.

It shouldn't be the be all and end all of blogging. After all, traffic doesn't always mean people have actually read what you have written or enjoyed it. Comments and likes and followers mean more I tihnk.

Lougle Sun 18-Nov-12 08:16:35

Thanks, overmydeadbody. The styles are all so different, aren't they? I think my blog is going to be more informational, with perhaps some commentary, rather than 'share this experience with me', so I guess it's the kind of thing people might dip into when they need information, then come back to later.

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