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Calling all Mummy Bloggers: How do you teach your children the importance of giving at Christmas?

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TheMummyBean Thu 15-Nov-12 14:47:58

Hi all!

I would like to write a post about this title, and would like your feedback? What do you do?

I am promoting an amazing campaign that is raising money for The African Children's Choir, who performed at this year's Diamond Jubilee concert with the lovely Gary Barlow.

It is called 'Give up a Gift for Africa' and we are asking parents to replace one of their child's stocking filler gifts with a donation.

Not only will this help us raise much needed funds to educate more vulnerable African Children, but will allow parents a way to teach their children the importance of giving.

Good idea?

Well if you'd like to write about the campaign please contact me or visit for more details.

Or if you'd like to give up a gift on behalf of your own children you can donate here

I will be adding my post to soon so would love your comments around the subject.

Thanks smile

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