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To blog every day or not?

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TheCamelsHump Tue 11-Dec-12 10:35:24

The Camel's Hump is a bit different, in that it is a group blog, but we try to evenly distribute posts. It has been neglected recently, but we have had times where we had three or four a day and times with one a month. It is difficult, but ime I get put off a blog that has what seem to be 'filler' posts.

parfumamour Tue 11-Dec-12 04:04:19

I need to get my act together on the blogging front, my postings are more like once a month if I can get round to it, been for too busy adding content to my website: I think my new year resolution will be to get the ball rolling on my blog properly.

JennyM55 Fri 30-Nov-12 11:03:04

I am a blog -a -holic. Unfortunately there are no meetings I can attend, for my symptoms cannot be cured :-( I have my wordpress site and 20 lines a day and here.
I write almost every night ..just ramblings (as my name implies) because I enjoy it so. I have often asked my followers if they are fed up with the dribble that I sometimes spill forth, but thankfully and fortunately I haven't had any bad feed-back. I need to write, I'm not a lonely old woman, but a 57 year old mum from Australia who can't help but prattle on a bit :-)

Bex66 Sat 24-Nov-12 13:51:22

I've been blogging for just under 6 months now, with a little bit of commercial success. From that side of things, I would say that its quite important to blog at least three times a week to start off with - I blogged virtually every day - but then when things start to take off I understand that its more important to have fairly lengthy posts (800-1000) as these are apparently more search engine friendly. A couple of months ago I started posting only twice a week but with longer posts and my visitors doubled. I now have 6000 visits/month. Hope this helps anyone starting out! Oh and make sure you use search phrases in your first paragraph and last paragraph.

NanniJ Fri 23-Nov-12 23:54:22

I have a daily blog - I treat it a bit like a diary, which somehow makes it easier to keep up. But, as others have said, it's the consistency which matters, and keeping up with expectations.

2under2blog Mon 12-Nov-12 08:48:42

Yes absolutely right, as long as you're fairly predictable in terms of regularity, I think it's absolutely fine. I like having your posts drop into my inbox.

I tend to do a couple a week due to limited time, but I would do it more often if I felt I could keep it up.

TheaJTS Sun 11-Nov-12 21:07:49

Hi, I think blogging every day is great if you can manage it, and keep it up! Having said that, there are a number of blogs I follow where you can pretty much see the s-t-r-e-s-s of having to find daily topics...
But if this isn't an issue then go for it. As a reader I like having a 'daily fix' of my favourite blogs :-)
On the other hand I'm just starting my blog, and don't want to be over ambitious to start with, so I'm limiting myself to 3 times a week - Mon, Wed & Fri. I absolutely agree with Trills that readers expect consistency, and get bothered if you don't stick to your schedule, be it once a week or every day.

choochy Sun 04-Nov-12 17:54:19

Thanks guys! Think I will just keep posting every day - it's keeping me sane right now (sacked from job for having MS, lol).
Pebbles - thanks for reading. I subscribe to yours too and learnt about Silent Sunday today from reading your blog! I'm so behind with the trends...sigh

pebbles77 Sun 04-Nov-12 16:50:09

Hi Choochy
I'm subscribed to you and love reading your posts so I think keep going as I love reading

Trills Sun 04-Nov-12 14:45:23

Write as often as you like.

What your readers will expect is consistency.

If you blog every day and then don't blog for a week, they'll wonder what happened.

if you normally blog once a week and then suddenly do it every day, they'll also wonder what happened.

Don't worry about "bombarding inboxes", people know how to unsubscribe and can just come visit you when they feel like it, if they find getting an email every day is too much.

choochy Sun 04-Nov-12 14:43:11

I blog a new post every day. Is this too much? I don't want to bombard people's inboxes, but I like the structure it gives me, to write every day...
Any suggestions gratefully received!
Choochy at

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